Wednesday, May 28, 2014

San Diego Adventures

Hey! Two posts this month - that isn't bad! I've had an amazing time in between this post and last post, and that time has been full. Before I tell you all about San Diego, I have to share another excitement.

At the beginning of this month, I had the privilege of meeting Laurie Riley, a professional harpist that has toured the US, Canada, and Ireland. Mom heard that she was coming to our area, and thought I might enjoy taking the two classes she was offering. When I heard the name, I knew I knew it from somewhere. Then I remembered - I have her book, "Wedding Music for the Lever Harp", which is one of my absolute favorites to play from! Then I got a great privilege - hearing her in concert! She plays a double-strung harp, which she was instrumental in designing. (They're becoming more popular among harpists, I hear!)
At La Jolla Beach
And now, for San Diego. My sister, Amanda, my mom, and I all got to go to San Diego for 10 days. We had a conference over there, which was the main reason for our going, but we also had some time to sneak in some fun things. ;)

 By the way, we weren't about to take our picture on the bus
 unless it was empty. And yes, it was empty at this point! :)

 We experienced several new things - riding in a taxi, and yes, riding on the bus. Being the country hicks we are, we had never ridden on the bus. And dear me, we made a few mistakes, got the routes all confused, and wasted a few dollars on the wrong buses. But we did manage to make our way around the city. ;)

One of the most enjoyable things we did was spend a day in Balboa Park. It is one of the most beautiful places, and we had a wonderful time touring the museums, and walking around the park all day. Here are a few random pictures from our adventures.
Chocolate factory!!

We had to climb these many stairs - what an exercise!
My mom and me! ♥
Walking was one of the main activities that happened over the weekend, and a lot of times, that involved walking home with groceries. :) This is exactly what we were doing here!

One night, we dined at P.F. Chang's. It was pretty delicious. And there I obtained my newest beloved object - my reusable chopsticks. I have decided that I am going to learn to eat with them, and I have taken every opportunity I can to practice! It is a learning curve, but it has been absolutely fun! (terrible grammar, I know!) And now, you ask, why I posted this ridiculous looking picture. This was my face as I was trying to decide whether to eat basically raw tuna. It was seared, but it sure didn't look that way. I did eat it, and it tasted great, the texture was a little iffy though.
Here, Amanda and I are posing with a Torrey Pine. Torrey Pines are only found in two places in the world - right there in San Diego, and a place 175 miles northwest of there. (Oregon, maybe?) We felt pretty privileged (or at least I did!) to see them.
How could we go to San Diego and not walk the beach? It was a beautiful day to do just that.

And here, I posed with my long awaited Starbucks... yum.

More pretty scenery we saw along the way. Sorry about the disorganization of the photos - my computer is not cooperating. But, all in all, we had a lovely time - one we'll never forget.

Also, a first for me, was witnessing the sunset from the air. It was absolutely beautiful. Way more gorgeous than the picture depicts.

Well, I have little ones asking for my time - blessings to you all!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April, May...

Hmmmm, will I even begin to admit to myself that it has been 6 days short of 2 months that I have neglected my blog? I suppose I must.

But what do you post about if you haven't taken any pictures that are internet worthy, or what if you just simply haven't taken pictures at all?

So, I have decided to bore all my readers with a no picture post, just for fun. Hopefully next time I will have been inspired again, and pictures will be back.

There actually isn't much worth updating the world about. Our days here at home have been pretty normal, except it seems as if our family is going different directions more these days. Different directions as in different people have different appointments with different people, etc. No going different directions in a bad way. ;)

I have been staying busy with things here at home - school, chores, cleaning, music, etc. etc. By the way, my harp is coming along okay, and I'm looking into specializing in wedding music! I'm pretty excited, and have been working away to achieve that goal. In fact, this coming Saturday, Laurie Riley (an author of one of the harp books I have!) is coming to our area, and she is giving 2 classes; one on technique, and the other on improvisation. I'm looking forward to that very much!

We also enjoyed the Christian Heritage Conference two weeks ago over on the other side of the state - what an amazing blessing that was! We got to see many, many friends, and reconnect. That's always a highlight of our year. I also enjoyed meeting quite a few new people, and putting names with faces. Isn't that always a wonderful feeling? :)

Oh yes! Last night I had quite the venture - making croissants. There was a miscommunication with my sister as far as that was concerned, as you shall soon see. :) If you have ever, ever, EVER made croissants, you know what heartache and worry can go into them. And I had worked ALL day on these precious pastries (okay, not quite pastries, but you know what I mean), and it was 11:30 at night - finally time to shape these babies! But my sister had planned on having her yogurt sit in the oven overnight. And if you have ever, ever, EVER made yogurt, you also know the worry that goes into that - it may not set if it's disturbed, etc. So, we were in a fix. I didn't really think I should call up the neighbors and ask to borrow their oven ;), so I had to put on my thinking cap. I didn't really want to risk putting them in the fridge - I didn't know if that was okay for them or not. Then I remembered our microwave oven! Oh phew! But you can imagine that heartache that went into that too. I basically had the most sleepless night ever. I could only bake 2 at a time, and they each baked for around 11 minutes. So I set the timer for 10 minutes, giving it enough time to preheat while I caught a miniature cat nap. Then from then on, I slept in 11 minute intervals. Up, down. Up, down. Put croissants in, take croissants out. It was quite the adventure. After that, getting up at a 5:20 wasn't a welcome thought, but I did it anyway. ;) Have any of you ever made croissants? Anyone want to make croissants after that? :D Well, I do have to say that they turned out the best out of the two other batches that I have made in the past.

Well - now that I have sufficiently bored you, I shall close!

Since this afternoon, I decided to take some pictures of my croissants, so you all can see! :) So, forget the "picture-less" part of this post!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bryce and Zion

Tragedy solved! The case was that I did NOT lose my CF card reader! Greg had it - I had apparently left it at home... I'm so glad that I waited to spend my money on another one.

Before we headed home from Arizona, I asked dad and mom if it would be a possibility to go and visit Moab, Utah and see the arches. That didn't end up working out, but we did have the opportunity to visit Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. I thoroughly enjoyed both of these places, and I think it was a mutual agreement that it would be fun to go back and hike in among the rocks when it was a little warmer. :)

I enjoyed snapping thousands of pictures (not really), and I'm sure I got pictures of the same view at least 100 times. But it was amazing. What a testimony of Who our Creator is! We marveled at the unique beauty shown at these two places.

Bryce Canyon

Zion National Park
And I don't remember if I get credit for this picture or not... Greg used the camera I was using because his ran out of batteries. :( So, it could be his, but I get credit for editing, right? ;)
It was so refreshing to see water again!
We took a little hike in Zion, but we had to stop at these steps. It was getting late, and we needed to get back to the trailer. Like I said, we hope we can visit again!

Do you have a favorite picture? Why is it your favorite?

Friday, March 7, 2014


As many of you know, our very last 6 week tour in Arizona has come to a close, and most likely, so has the time of being a family band. We believe that the Lord is leading us on to a different season in our lives, and I am confident that it will be wonderful, whatever it is.

 I am so grateful that the Lord placed it on dad and mom's heart to bring together the musical abilities in our family and go to Arizona for the past 5 winters to minister to many people in RV parks and churches. It has stretched and grown my character and faith in more ways than I could have ever imagined.

For the record, I would like to mention some of the ways that I have grown and changed through the whole experience of being a member of the Hahner Family Band.

  • I've learned that I can, indeed, sing in front of people. I also learned that I could enjoy it and have fun.
  • I've learned that being humble comes in many forms. You must be humble when you mess up.You must be humble when no one claps for your solo. You must be humble when someone compliments your brother and says nothing about what you did. You must be humble when someone does compliment you and learn how to deflect the praise.
  • I've learned that conversation skills are important to know. I can definitely hold a better conversation today than I could five years ago.
  • I've learned that a joyful spirit is the best kind of spirit to have.
  • I've learned to smile through bad mistakes on stage.
  • I've learned that I can live with 10 other people in a small 5th wheel for 6 weeks.
  • I've learned that sometimes mess isn't such a big deal. Relationships and joy matter more than everything being spic and span.
  • I've learned that I can be a bit techy, and I have learned how to set up stage equipment.
  • I've learned that even though playing music may not be my favorite thing to do at an event, people are always so grateful! We have met some wonderful, wonderful people through our music.
  • I have become more confident over the past 5 years.
  • I've learned how to work with my siblings, and discuss things that we disagree on.
  • I've learned that practice always goes better with a smile.
  • I've learned that singing after drinking lemon juice doesn't work for me!
  • I've learned how to sing with a sore throat.
  • I've learned that to have friends, you must be friendly!
  • I've learned that we need to make the Lord the center of everything. Turning to the Lord in prayer is always the best thing to do before ANY endeavor.
My apologies for no pictures on the last couple posts. I'm currently missing my CF card reader, and in fact, Amazon is up on another tab, waiting for me to make my decision about which one to buy. I figured that because we just cleaned up the entire trailer and vehicles, and I still couldn't find it, that I must have misplaced it somewhere in Arizona. Thankfully they aren't too expensive!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Desert Update

Yes - I'm back.

Nothing beats sitting in an empty RV library building by yourself typing a blog post at 9:12 at night.

And it didn't help that I passed 2 creepy teenage guys on the way over either.

Or that gross music is playing over the speakers here.

But! I thought I should update you all on what's going on over here.

A whole book couldn't explain the wonderful time we've had over here. I can't believe that our trip is coming to a close so quickly. We have 6 more programs before wrapping up our time here. The next 6 days will be very busy and tiring, but the Lord will sustain!

We have so many stories to come back and tell to our friends. This time in Arizona has been such a wonderful time of growth in the Lord, rich time in His Word, sweet family time, and blessed interactions with friends from years past.

I've checked a few things off my bucket list this year. One of them wasn't really on my bucket list, but now it's on the list of "things I've done (that are a bit strange)". I forgot to pack my performance shoes this evening, and I didn't think that the dirty tan farm crocs that I chose to wear on the way over would quite fit the bill. So tonight I performed with no shoes. And just so I could say I did a performance in bare feet, I stripped the socks too. :) So everyone got to enjoy seeing my not-so-beautiful feet. Disgusting...? maybe. But it sure made the books.

What else could I update you all on?

Hmm.... Dunkin' Donuts met the Hahners this year. And just so you don't think that we always eat donuts, we only got the box the first time at the beginning of this trip and one today. I chose a Vanilla Creme donut. I can't wait to eat it, but I have to wait for just the right time. Maybe tomorrow morning, with hot chocolate?

Also, coffee met me, and I'm afraid we fell in love. :) I couldn't take a cup of straight black, but I sure have enjoyed the few coffee drinks I've gotten to enjoy on this trip. So, watch out, world! I'm now officially a coffee lover.

There definitely have been trials (for those who think this trip has been all tanning in the sunshine :). Relationships have been stretched and tried, and we have been fighting some serious spiritual battles. But that has caused us to rely on the Lord, and cry out to Him, which is what He desires from us. We've also had to endure sunburn and 88 degree weather. Now, that's what you call a trial. :) We have so enjoyed the many aspects that have made this trip unique... like:

-Hiking to the top of Picacho Peak
-Going ATVing with our friends at Saddle Mountain RV park
-Walking a ton on this trip
-Having Fab with us
-Breaking multiple strings and parts of instruments while performing

And that's only a few things.

Well, for those of you who managed to read this whole post... congratulations!

The Lord bless each of you and go before you!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Now, our first week!

Now comes the post with the pictures. Just as promised.

This was the second day of travel. Just look at that sunshine! Isn't it wonderful? We hadn't seen sunshine for over a week. At our house, it's been nothing but fog, fog, fog. To actually see sunshine was amazing. I told dad that I was amazed at how I felt after I saw it - I didn't know I was missing it that much.

More sun... It was absolutely gorgeous.

There were only four of us in the truck. The truck is the (usually) quieter option as far as places you can be while on the road for four days solid. Samuel is back there all cozy with his fuzzy blanket. We were still in cold territory.
Hannah was enjoying chillin' out in back too. Great fun.
Dad "sorta-smiled" for me... as much as he could do while thinking about pulling a 34 ft. trailer in back of a beautiful red pick-up truck. :) No - he's so cheery, you wouldn't ever guess that there's tension inside.
As mom wrote on the family blog, this is one of our favorite parts in Utah... comin' through the rocks. It's absolutely gorgeous. It doesn't look that way on the camera, but in real life, it is.

Is anyone a little jealous now? I loved snapping this picture for just this purpose. Yes. We have been enjoying this sort of weather. This picture was taken just outside of Las Vegas. We got out at a Wal*Mart and ended up having a mini shopping/pit stop. It was a beautiful day.
That evening, we pulled into Kingman, Arizona, and purchased some pizza at the Iron Skillet (in a gas station), and Fab treated us all to Dunkin' Donuts. I'd never had one before, but now I'm anxious to go back!!
A pretty sunset as we finish up our car time!

We landed in Desert Gold, and have thoroughly enjoyed our stay here so far. They have a nice little trail where we picnicked for the afternoon and hiked afterwards.
Koeble Trail has become a favorite running spot. Running in Arizona is so much more fun than running at home. :) Twenty minutes goes a lot faster when you run into people, and they all say how energetic you are, and how bad you're making them look. :) We got four comments on that this morning. ;)
Yes - Greg. :) Nice pose, huh? And see that stuffed animal in the cactus? Koeble trail is full of them - all over, hiding in rocks, in the cacti, all over the place! That's part of what makes it so fun. Someone did a lot of work up there - piling rocks on other rocks, making little rock turtles, smiley faces, Indian symbols, and I don't know what all! Oh - there were a lot of rock lizards up there too.
Part of Koeble Trail...
And our first performance was done here! We so enjoyed the people here - they were an amazing crowd. It was a great way to start out the tour. We are continuing to enjoy them - everyone here is so friendly. This is a great park. :D

We are also getting to enjoy pool tables, and ping-pong tables. Dad and I had a stiff competition on the ping-pong tables this morning. I'm enjoying getting back into it all. Next concert is tomorrow at the Wendon Community Center. :) We'll keep updating!

But for now - blessings on you all!

Monday, January 27, 2014

first three days of travel

You'll have to excuse the short and possibly non correctly punctuated and capitalized post. Writing on an Amazon Kindle isn't the easiest thing to do. Anyway, these first few days of travel have really gone well. As prayed, there have been no vehicle troubles. We are praising the Lord for that for sure. These first few days of travel have been non eventful. We have been enjoying the ride and each other's company. We ate out for the first time tonight and we got to walk from the RV park down to the Iron Skillet where we got some delicious 'homemade' pizza. It was delicious after such a long day. And another delicious part of the evening was when friend treated us to our first ever Dunkin' Donut! It was delicious. ;) And yes, I realize that I used the word "delicious" three times in the last few sentences. Well, I think this is good enough. I just thought I should let you know that we are all doing well and are happy and excited about our trip! Pictures are coming!

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